Customers love a freebie!

So, it’s only logical that they are more likely to buy your product if you throw in something for free. With a product-plus campaign, you can reward your customers with an attractive gift. And not just a little something extra, but a gift that your customer could really use. Ultimately, you want to remain relevant to your target group. Either with an original gift that immediately grabs their attention, or something more traditional that customers are known to love. You could choose a physical gift or maybe your customers would prefer something digital. We will happily advise you on what type of gift is relevant to your target group and we will sort it all out for you.

A product-plus campaign can really make your sales take off

A well-chosen gift for customers can also boost your brand image. Sometimes the choice of gift is easy, such an accessory that goes with the product purchased. Other times, you choose an original or personalized gift. We’d be glad to advise you on running an effective product-plus campaign, creating an effective campaign page online, and process the claims for the gift. Naturally, you want your customers to have the gift as soon as possible, so we’ll take care of that too.

Benefits of a product-plus campaign

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