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We everything about customers. We know how to find them for you. And how to make sure they buy your products. And so that they’ll come back to you!
We are the marketing partner for B2C companies and the market leader for promotions in the Benelux. How do we do that? By building a sustainable relationship with our own customers. We advise you, help you come up with ideas, and take a load off your hands.

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I want to find new customers!

The challenge facing every marketer. How do you reach the right target group? Desk can help!

Product launch

How do you bring your product to your target group’s attention? Desk breaks down the obstacles and risks between you and your customers.

I want more loyal customers

Loyal customers are your biggest fans. So, of course you want more of them. How do you get more and more customers to come back to you? Desk has the solution!

Data & insights

Promotions produce valuable customer data for you. Data that can help determine your strategy. Want to find out how?

Wij helpen je graag!

Do you want new customers too? Want to launch a product or turn your customers into fans? We’d be happy to help! Together we will look at the best way to achieve your goals, provide inspiration, and come up with a smart solution, implement it flawlessly, and clearly evaluate it afterwards.

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Michel Kempener
Michel Kempener
Rick Spiertz
Rick Spiertz
Gert Wildvank
Gert Wildvank
Ruud Kreuwels
Ruud Kreuwels

Our expertise


  • Cashback campaigns
  • Product-plus campaigns
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Competitions
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Loyalty programme
  • Platforms

After sales

  • Product refunds or recall campaigns
  • Consumer care
  • Data analysis

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