Connect with business intelligence

Promotions produce valuable customer data for you. We will give you insights throughout your promotion, so you know exactly what it is doing for you. But we can do more with data. Using business intelligence, we can explain how all the bits of data relate to each other. That means we deliver valuable new insights that you can use for follow-up actions.

Why is a product selling well or poorly with a certain retailer? Or in a certain region? We will give you the answer thanks to insights from relevant data. In doing so, we of course must take privacy legislation into account.
Janneke Schils, Data-analist

Benefits of data analysis

  • Provides clear understanding of your promotion’s progress and success
  • Offers new insights that lead to new sales opportunities
  • Dashboards to watch over your KPIs
  • Helps you to make even more reliable forecasts
  • Gives direction and support to follow-up actions