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If you’re a proud owner of a fast-growing online store, but your warehouse is well overdue an expansion and current staffing levels mean you can barely get orders processed on time, you don’t need to break the bank to continue your growth trajectory. Did you know how easy it could be to outsource order fulfilment?

Flexible and quick order fulfilment when you need it

Order fulfilment via Desk is extremely flexible and can be used quickly when you need it. Under normal circumstances, you pay variable costs for each order you’ve asked our team to send. If desired, we can also organize the shipment of parcels, place your products in our secure warehouse, and offer you competitive shipping rates via the major carriers in the Benelux.

Same-day processing of orders placed before 3:00 PM

We offer same-day processing of orders placed before 3:00 PM on working days. But depending on your volume, we can be more flexible with these times. You can also ask us to send only a few strong runners, so you can continue to grow without any extra investment, keep full control, and offer your customers the best possible service time after time.

Primera collection concept

For companies looking to send a large quantity of (preferably similar) products in a short period of time, we also offer a unique pick-up arrangement in cooperation with Primera. As customers collect their parcel at their nearest Primera branch, you can make considerable savings on shipping costs.

Benefits of order fulfilment

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