Cashback campaigns

With a cashback campaign, your customers receive a refund of a certain amount once they purchase your product. This is an attractive advantage, since you as a manufacturer make your product even more tempting for customers. You thereby increase affordability and give customers that final push they need to choose your brand.

Product-plus actions

Customers love a freebie. So, it’s only logical that they are more likely to buy your product if you throw in something for free. With a product-plus campaign, you can reward your customers with an attractive gift. And not just a little something extra, but a gift that your customer could really use. Ultimately, you want to remain relevant to your target group.

Sampling campaigns

If your target group knew how great your product is, then everyone would buy it. Sound familiar? Desk lets your target group discover your product by sampling it. This can be done by giving out samples on the street, but there are so many more options! Desk will advise you on the right way to go about a sampling campaign in a way that suits your product.

Money-back guarantee

Are you launching a new brand or product? Or has the high quality of your brand not quite yet been widely conveyed? A money-back guarantee campaign shows that you are 100% convinced by your product. That gives customers enough confidence to buy your product.


Want to really put your product in the spotlight? Or reach a wide audience with a limited budget? Think consider a tantalizing competition campaign.
Did you know that many brands want to offer a free product in exchange for exposure? Please ask us for an attractive prize package at a competitive price. And we’ll get to work right away!


At Desk, we always like to look ahead. We have more than 30 years of experience in engaging customers. Community marketing is a concept we are more than familiar with. We analyse the challenges our partners face and proactively work to come up with solutions. This results in a range of different consumers platforms where supply meets demand.